Pixelheadonline Quarterly Update

December 7, 2007

Since the last post, Categroy Links in August, Pixelheadonline has turned a year old. The blog has 188 posts and 762 comments.  The page rank went from a PR 4 to  a PR3 in the most recent  Google update.

As of this morning there were over 5000 sites in the cue to be moderated in the directory. A great deal of them are spam, as the directory seems to get attacked by bots continuously.

The most recent premium submission was to the Finance category page, which is cached in Google at the moment, but hot with the “http” attached to the url.

The directory generally does not get a ton of paid submissions. Our other directory the Jagdirectory(just a general directory) gets a ton of paid submissions. Why I have no idea.

The Blog 

The blog has shifted to having more posts about photography and web design in an effort to get it branded as that type of blog.

A flexible blogging schedule was adopted in September, which seems to not be followed, but it does give a guideline to help develop posts.

Also a commitment was made to do at least one environmental post per month, to be put out around mid month. The last environment related post was about Hugg.c0m, the environmental Digg site from Treehugger.com.

Top Commentator posts have been scheduled for mid month and the end of the month. The top three commentators for the mid and end of month receive individual site reviews. Along with the Top Commentators, a Commentators Guidelines was instituted in September. Sites without blogs are not linked to in the commentators link box. This was instituted to cut down on spam comments and as a legal precaution.

As of today, reciprocal links will be 3 dollars usd. Regular submissions are 5, and premium are 15.95.

The blog also still does paid site reviews, which are going for $120 usd.  The site also has paid text links through TLA. This has resulted in a recurring monthly income for the blog.

Catagory Links

August 11, 2007

Just a short list of some of the Category links in Pixelheadonline that have gotten paid submissions. So I would like to give those category pages a little link love.

  1. The Business Mangement category had an express submission and now has three quality sites listed.
  2. The Health and Medical category had one express and one featured submission.
  3. The Pets category had several express submissions, and has some groovy pet sites.
  4. The Web 2.0 category has more than a few great sites.
  5. The Niche Directory list is growing with two subcategories of Medical Directories and Real Estate Directories.
  6. The Landscaping category has some wonderful resources listed for your home landscape needs.
  7. The Real Estate Category has consistently been one of our most requested categories for inclusion.
  8. The Non-Profit Category has a bunch of great not for profit organizations listed.
  9. The Travel Category has  had  at least one express submission and has a lot of great site to help travelers.
  10. and last but not least the Recreation Category has tons of resources to assist visitors in finding Recreation resources.

I will try to do one of these on a more regular basis, any visitors who maybe interested, check em out and let me know what you think.

June-July 2007 Review

August 9, 2007

June and July of 2007 have been really busy. We had a trip to OBX. Lizzie and I got married and honeymooned in Puerto Rico( See our Puerto Rico Honeymoon posts on Lizzie’s travel blog) . We also went to the Blog Philadelphia Unconference were we met some really awesome bloggers. There were also a record number of posts for the month of July. I will have to tone it down for August to make sure that the quality does not suffer.

A few major changes:

Kontera Ads were removed in July, and were last put on in May.

Made the theme wider, but still need or want to upgrade. The
Wysiwyg editor is a pita. Many times I will make words bold and it will then make everything bold. It has a habit of multiplying commands like that and underlines. So I end up spending huge amounts of time hand editing each post, to not only fix those errors, but to format the posts the way I want them to appear. Many times I will put in spaces between paragraphs but the spaces do not appear in the copy. Thereby looking very compressed. It is easier to read a post if it has chunks of content broken up.

Posts on Pixelheadonline.com since May.


Link Building Four

Top commentators post

Freelance Folder post

post about the removal of Kontera Ads as mentioned above.

FaceBook Learning Experience

One word Meme post

Peopleized Interview with the Creator of BAFAB

Rightsize Smoothie Video

Want to Create content by Interviewing People?

Sphinn for SEO/SEM and the Like

Does Twitter have any Google Juice?

Viddler.com at BlogPhiladelphia

Live Blogging at the BlogPhiladelphia Unconference

Do You Use Stumbleupon?

Directory Links, Are They Crap

Do Follow Update

Top Commentors Speed Links

Pownce Beta Invite

Scheduling and Organization for Productivity

July 4th Holiday Speed Linking Post

BlogPhiladelphia – The UnConference

Adgloco Toolbar

Join the “I Reply” Movement

Does it make sense to have a Social Networking Page- along with this post, a new networks page was created on the blog. This is a list that I add to any time I join a social networking site.

Back from Puerto Rico

Honeymoon Post from Puerto Rico

Quick Resources Post

PixelHead Weekly Review Links

Domaining Resources

Moguling Update

Micro Blogging with Twitter

Thinking Blogger Award Meme

Top Commentators, Twitter and other Blog Changes

David Bach’s “Start Late,Finish Rich”

Farewell to OBX

Well thats it for this roundup post. Hopefully the next one will happen at the end of August, not September.

May 2007 Pixelheadonline Wrap Up Post

June 5, 2007

A pretty good month for blogging on Pixelheadonline.com. 19 blog posts, and made a lot of new blogging friends.

Also had some other developments that did not make it onto Pixelheadonline.  Lizzie and I are due to be married the middle of this month. June 16th to be exact.

Lizzie was then notified that her Ex-Husband had died. Read her post a Bizarre Diversion to learn about the circumstances.

Blog Update for Pixelheadonline.com

April 27, 2007

It has been some time since I have posted to this blog about updates. The last post to this blog was back in February.

So here is a list of posts in the Pixelheadonline.com Blog since that time.

Future post include a review of Linkworth.com’s new program which is similar to ReviewMe.com. Will also be doing some more notforprofit orangizational reviews.

Next update post due June 2007.

Mybloglog.com Weekly Favorites

February 23, 2007

Mybloglog.com Weekly Favorites, which I started last week,  is to be a weekly feature post of the Pixelheadonline blog. There are already numerous sites that I want to include for next week, so many to choose from, but the top two are in the bag, but the third one is still up in the air. This is strictly a marketing post, which is being done to both help other bloggers out, and to tell Pixelheadonline readers about some groovy sites that I came across while networking with Mybloglog.com. Check out the Pixelheadonline Community page on MyBloglog.

Pixelheadonline Blog Monthly Review

February 19, 2007

How quickly time flys when your not paying attention. Since last posting Custom Printed Label post for Boyertown Label , many posts have been written. So here is the monthly wrap up a bit late.

  • Web 2.0 Gets Political is a post about Digg and the politics of the site. I believe at the time of this post, I also added a Web 2.0 category to the pixelheadonline directory.
  • Seo, MyBloglog-News, and PowerSet is a general post about three unrelated sites. At the time of the post, I had been getting into Mybloglog.com, but neglected to post for the better part of a week. Not sure when this post was written, I do believe the time stamp might have been altered by accident.
  • Things I Hate and Love about SEO was written more to vent than anything. I also changed the time stamp on this one so as not to have it at the top of the page, in case a client were to read it. But the post did end rather positively, with a my favorite Lizzie Pic.
  • The next post I did was a little late Real Estate Goals post that I had wanted to write for a contest. The goals are still coming along, but we are a bit behind.
  • Goals for 2007 was the next post, since I was in the goal mind set, I decided to go a little broader than just real estate.
  • Pixelhead blog update where I posted about when I first noticed the PR4 of the blog. The directory as with many other directories was to get PR3 a little while later.
  • The Best of Web2.0 is a post about that talks about TechCrunch.com’s Best of the Web 2.0. This was about the third article that I have read that deals with the same subject. Surprisingly some of the sites that they consider to be the “best web2.0” sites are not on the other lists, but many of them are the same. Always nice to find some new Web 2.0 sites.
  • The next post Web 2.0 site Mybloglog discusses the groovy site Mybloglog and some of the other sites that I have found while developing a network of blog friends. As you can see by clicking the following link, I have been spending quite a bit of time on Mybloglog.com.
  • The next post was the Carbon Emissions Reduction Plan from Co-op America, a grass roots type environmental organization. A great plan and a great organization that is well worth a visit. The Co-Op America link in the directory is located in the Non-Profit Organizations category.
  • The Automatic Millionaire by David Bach is the subject of the next post. Sadly I am still reading this great book about financial freedom. This was also the post that I talked about our trip to Philly for the Real Estate investing conference.
  • Google PR update was the topic of the next post, which resulted after I realized the directory had a PR3. At the same time the PR of the blog seemed to disappear randomly.
  • Next came the post about Alladvantage new comer Agloco.com. This program will potentially pay people to surf the web. Here is my Agloco affiliate link.
  • The next post, SEO and The Newbie, was a post by contributing author Lizzie Bean where she discussed the problems that a young web master was having with a site he had built for his mother’s home based business.
  • PowerSet Aims for Google was the topic of the next post which referred again to another TechCrunch post about a new start up natural Search Engine.
  • NO FOLLOW tag is a post about the use of and the detection of the “NO Follow tag”, which is used by many sites, including this one. Blogs have embraced the use of the No follow tag in the comments section to mainly deter spammers…still seem to get quite a bit.
  • And the most recent post Mybloglog Favorites for the week, lists three of my favorite sites that I encountered while using Mybloglog.com the previous week. I would like to make this a weekly post if time permits.

I realize this was quite a bit more of a time span than a month. Will do better next month hopefully. Overall, I would have to say the biggest update or development, would be the ever increasing use of Mybloglog.com, which is a really great site for discovering new blogger friends.